BASE data upload

This is a sandbox environment for data uploads, to allow users to view their data with mapping & analysis tools.
This tool accepts comma separated values (CSV) and tab separated data.
To upload file instead, click here.

1. Paste your CSV data here

To paste your data, click the rectangle below, and type control-V (Windows) or command-V (Macintosh). For a large amount of data, this may take a while to parse.

Check data

2. Check our initial interpretation

Adjust headings that have been incorrectly matched using the text boxes. Fields marked in yellow havent been matched to a recognised field name (darwin core terms).
After adjusting, click Reprocess sample

3. Process sample & upload to sandbox

The tables below display the first few records and our interpretation. The Processed value displays the results of name matching, sensitive data lookup and reverse geocoding where coordinates have been supplied.
If you are happy with the initial processing, please give your dataset a name, and upload into the sandbox. This will process all the records and allow you to visualise your data on a map.